Saradiel - "Robin Hood of Sri Lanka"



Utuwankande Sura Saradiel


Deekirikevage Saradiel widely famous as Utuwankande Sura Saradiel (25 March 1832 - 7 May 1864) is a Ceylonese gang leader and bandit who became a legendary figure in Sri Lanka known as the "Robin Hood of Sri Lanka".


Sura Saradiel's lifelong friend Mammale Marikkar after taken into Custody in 1864.

Taken to Kandy, they were tried at Kandy Assize by an English-speaking jury before Justice Thompson, with Richard Morgan prosecuting as crown advocate. The jury found them guilty: Both were sentenced to death. They were taken to the gallows on 7 May 1864, with many coming to see the famed Saradiel.

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Uthuwankande Sura Saradiel - The Robin Hood of Sri Lanka

Deekirikewage Saradiel was born in 1832. He was the eldest son of a tobacco merchant hailing from Haldanduwa in the Chilaw District. His mother was one Pitchohamy from Utuwankanda.

A five-pound reward was offered for Saradiel’s arrest. The following description of Saradiel Appu was published in the Government Gazette Extraordinary of 10-Jan., 1863.

Both accused were found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. They were hanged at Gallows Hill in Kandy on 7-May, 1864.

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Utuwankanda - On the trail of a legend

I had long wanted to experience Saradiel country, the place that Sri Lanka’s most infamous bandit made his hideout. Venturing into Utuwankande was like going into Sherwood Forest, the sylvan home of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men.

The path to the top will take about an hour, but as it was not well marked, the climb was steep and tiring. Full of rock crevices, passes and elevations, it certainly had many places that would have made ambush easy. It was no wonder the bandit king had chosen this rock as his hideout.

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