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Uthayan - Attacks


Nagesh Pratheepan and two other Uthayan distributors were attacked and newspapers torched by four men on two motorbikes on 10 January 2013 as they were distributing them in the Valvettithurai area.

The paper's office in Kilinochchi were attacked by a group of six masked Sinhala speaking men on 3 April 2013. Five employees were injured, two seriously, and equipment and vehicles damaged. The newspaper blamed the security forces for the attack. The attack came after the paper published a series of articles highlighting seizure of Tamil owned land by the army. Ten days later, on 13 April 2013, three men came to the paper's office in Jaffna and threatened security guards before damaging equipment and setting the printing press ablaze.


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Viewfinder Asia - News from Jaffna (25:00) - Al Jazeera English

Veröffentlicht am 30.09.2014
A young reporter dares to cover press freedom in one of the world's most dangerous places for journalists - Sri Lanka.


Senthil Thirugnana
Salute to that girl & all those Journalists who are braving attacks on their lives and committing themselves to a worthy cause passionately. There are so many heinous governments with so called "Fake Democracy" that seem to exist in this world in this age, despite of UN & so on. Usually the world body catches up to the dictators (as seen historically) in some time, but Tamils & PRESS FREEDOM in Srilanka have gone through enough of this psychological torture, that they deserve to breathe the air filled with "FREEDOM" SOON PERIOD.

Lanka Peacevor
Thank you AlJazeera English/Kannan Arunasalam for producing this documentary. It is well noted in the Documentary that both Tamil Journalists and Sinhalese Journalists have 'disappeared'

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Vadivel Nimalarajah

Vadivel Nimalarajah is a minority Sri Lankan Tamil proof reader for the newspaper Uthayan in Jaffna. He has been missing after being abducted on November 17, 2007 after working overnight in the Uthayan newspaper office. Uthayan has been specifically targeted for its independent reporting by the Sri Lankan military and the paramilitary group EPDP.


This incident is part of acts of violence and intimidation against journalists and human rights activists taking place in areas controlled by the Sri Lankan government. Vadivel Nimalarajah was abducted by a paramilitary allied with the Sri Lankan Army earlier two journalists of Uthayan were killed after a cartoon mocking Douglas Devananda. His disappearance is part of a series of disappearances of Tamils in Jaffna which is under Army control.

Incident and reaction

Vadivel Nimalarajah disappeared on November 17, 2007 after working overnight in the Uthayan newspaper office in what is termed as an enforced disappearance by human rights groups.[6] A journalist working for Agence France-Presse describing the situation in Jaffna as terrible said
“I have never seen anything like it. Even in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, foreign journalists had more freedom of movement".

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